Email is a very important tool for businesses. It allows you to communicate with employees and customers in a cost-effective manner. TSM Web Solutions offers numerous email services that allow your business to stay connected.

Webmail Access

Our webmail access is available anywhere you can access the Internet. Our webmail feature gives you the ability to browse your inbox, send messages, draft emails and more from on convenient location. When you’re away from your desktop or laptop, using webmail can give you instant access very similar to the normal experience you’re used to. You can even use webmail on a mobile device to check your mail. Currently, webmail is included with all email accounts hosted by TSM Web Solutions.

Antivirus Scanning

Viruses and malware are typically delivered via SPAM messages sent to your email account. Our advanced antivirus scanning will scan every message sent and received by our server and determine if it is malicious. If the message is malicious and contains a virus, it will never reach your inbox and will be blocked. This protects you and your devices from infections via email. This feature is currently included with all of our hosted email accounts.

Advanced SPAM Protection / Monitoring

Our mail servers utilize an advanced SPAM detection software that quickly scans all incoming messages for bogus content. The software rates messages on the probability of it being SPAM or not and moves it around the server accordingly. Our software will flag potential SPAM email and will allow you to confirm or deny that through our Control Panel interface. You can also specify all SPAM messages just be deleted, completely your choice. SPAM protection and monitoring is currently offered on all TSM Web Solutions hosted email accounts.


Upon request, our servers can store a copy of every sent and received piece of mail on your domain. There might be legal requirements placed on your organization that require you to keep a copy of every message, this feature allows you to accomplish just that. It’s also useful for cleaning out your inbox, but knowing you can access those messages at a later time though the archive file.


Every email account is backed up nightly to a secure off-site location. This allows us to restore messages if one is accidentally deleted. We retain this data for up to 6 months, allowing you complete access to your data at anytime. This is currently enabled and provided to all hosted email customers with TSM Web Solutions.