Social Media Icosn

The Social Media Clock

Did you know that time is essential to attracting the most visibility to your social media posts? Timing your posts just right will ensure that you’re boosting your engagement between you and your audience. Most people aren’t checking social media during the day, as they’re probably working and may be behind a firewall that prevents them from visiting such sites.

From our research, we have found that to gain the most engagement out of your audience, you should post around the noon-hour. Most of the world is active at this time.

You should Tweet between 1pm and 4pm – we’ve found that people are usually on a lunch break during this time and more likely to check their feeds. (Also, avoid sending out Tweets after 3pm on Fridays!)

If you’re sharing posts on Facebook, you should aim to post between 1pm and 3pm as most people are active during this time. (Tip: Don’t post to Facebook after 8pm!)

Are you blogging? Everyone should be if you want to keep your website relevant and current. Publishing blog posts should be done between 4pm and 6pm. That way your blog posts are right at the top when people get home from work and start checking feeds. This should ensure optimum blog post impact and engagement.

Do you Pinterest? If so, share or Pin your items between 8pm and 1am – it’s been shown that most people are active on Pinterest during this time of the day. (Tip: The worst time to Pin or share on Pinterest is between 5pm and 7pm.)

Have you joined Google+ yet? If so, focus your posting schedule between 9am and 11pm to reach your target audience.

It’s important to note that each social network has their own posting niche, and yes, some will contradict others. Just follow this schedule to reach your maximum audience and boost engagement.