Fine Dining

Social Media for Restaurants


If you run a restaurant, you take pride in your job, the quality of the food you prepare and the atmosphere of your establishment. Some restaurant owners may not think about social media and all of the benefits it brings, however. Here are ten ways that your restaurant could utilize social media to gain more attention and a customer following.

First, let’s lay out nine social media websites and networks relevant to restaurants. In a bit, we’ll discuss their uses.

  1. Linkedin
    • For business professional networking.
  2. Facebook
    • The world’s biggest social network.
  3. Google+
    • For business and personal networking.
  4. YouTube
    • For posting and sharing videos
  5. Twitter
    • For posting and sharing short bits of information.
  6. Foursquare
    • For sharing your location.
  7. Yelp
    • For product and service reviews.
  8. Pinterest
    • For inspiring images.
  9. Instagram
    • For sharing photos with filters.

Now that we’ve laid the network out, let’s discuss how you can utilize them and which social networks to use.

  1. Gain feedback and insight on services, events and menu items.
    • Utilize: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Google+
  2. Promote and show off new menu items.
    • Utilize: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest
  3. Encourage trials by offering specials and discounts.
    • Utilize: Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter
  4. Using employees as your own brand ambassadors that help spread the word.
    • Utilize: Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  5. Having a direct dialogue with your current and potentially new customers.
    • Utilize: Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  6. Updating customers on new products such as new opening or remodels.
    • Utilize: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram
  7. Increase awareness and excitement with contests and giveaways.
    • Utilize: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+
  8. Connect and network with business partners and community members.
    • Utilize: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter
  9. Assist with finding new employees.
    • Utilize: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter
  10. Monitor reputation and provide complaint resolutions.
    • Utilize: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Google+


There are a lot of ways to increase brand visibility using social media for your restaurant. We presented a lot of options above and it might be a little overwhelming to tackle it all at once. We recommend creating a list of things you’d like to accomplish first and what is most important to you. Work on that first one and make it great, then continue down the list.

TSM Web Solutions can assist with your social media outreach, by creating accounts and profiles on all networks listed above. We can also monitor and manage your networks so you can concentrate on your restaurant.